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Training Agreement Spain Internship

Abril 13th, 2021

The internship contract establishes a contractual relationship with the company or the self-employed person who hires the student, so that the student is an employee of the company and contributes to social security. Time depends on whether it is an agreement or an internship contract. Important note: Internships Italy does not offer training or internship contracts for your internship. We associate students and universities or schools with companies, so that all documents must be provided by an officially recognized educational institution. You should do an internship for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that your school or university requires you to do an internship. It`s also a good opportunity to expose yourself to different sectors before deciding which future studies or career you want to pursue. You may also want to put your pedagogical knowledge into practice before entering the workforce. If you are unable to provide an internship through a university, you can contact a company directly and ask to complete the internship as a freelancer. Monthly contributions for new self-employed people are only 50 euros per month in the first 12 months, making it an attractive alternative.

The following points usually contain training agreements, but are not limited to: Social Security number: necessary for the company to pay your social security benefits. It is mandatory for all paid internships. You can get your SS number in each Social Security Office (Tesorera General de la Seguridad Social): There are several advantages for an employer in carrying out an internship contract At all times, you have a mentor who verifies and adapts your training to ensure personal and professional growth and development. A number of European countries require a student to provide the potential employer with a signed internship contract document before a UK-based student can complete an additional internship with an employer. We organize internships that are voluntary and therefore not paid. Voluntary internships are designed to develop your current skills, gain experience and engage in the sector. It also meets the requirements for training or education and higher education. You do not need a professional visa or work permit to do an internship in Spain.

All foreigners who are taking an unpaid internship or voluntary activity or who have registered for training for more than 90 days must have an extended residence visa. Without this travel document, you are considered a tourist and you cannot stay more than three months, work or receive a salary. However, if you use the residence permit route for internships, you significantly reduce the trip. Specifically, the student must have completed these studies within the last two years, although those who are still pursuing their studies may also apply for this internship permit. Contact Supervisor / International Office Contact Educational Goals of the Internships Internships Appointment For an internship, please join our website: IES Consulting or send us your CV on [email protected] Whether you are studying or having a graduate, we ask you to be able to obtain a training contract from your university or private university.